Anita Baby and Her Friend Fluffy Amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Followers
Today we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern again for you. As you know we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. The main crochets are amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi llama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi lambs, amigurumi bees, amigurumi unicorns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi foxes, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is amigurumi doll
I want to give you some informations about this pattern ;

If you enjoy making amigurumi, here I share this easy and free amigurumi pattern for you for free. Your kids will love these toys.

You can choose the colors and the rope yourself.
Fiber filling

MR=Magical Ring
sc=single crochet
(….)*n Repeat written in the parentheses n times.
Blo=back order loop
Flo=front order loop
ss=slip stitch
Hdc=half double crochet
Dc=double crochet
Dcv=increase with double crochet
Dca=decrease with double crochet

ARMS – Skin Color
R1: MR with 5sc =5
R2: 5inc =10
R3-11: 10sc =10
R12: inc, 9sc =11
R13-20: 11sc =11
R21: 5sc, inc, 5sc =12
R22-31: 12sc, slst, f/o-cut yarn =12

SHOES – start with Brown Color
R1: ch9, 7sc, [4sc], 6sc, inc, slst/ch1 =19
R2: inc, 6sc, 4inc, 6sc, 2inc, slst/ch1 =26
R3: 2inc, 6sc, 8inc, 6sc, 4inc, slst/ch1 =40
R4: 40sc, slst/ch1 =40
R5: BP-40sc, slst/ch1 =40
R6-7: 40sc, slst/ch1 =40

R8: 10sc, 8dec, 14sc, slst/ch1 =32
R9: 32sc, slst/ch1 =32
R10: 8sc, 6dec, 12sc, slst/ch1 =26
R11: 26sc, slst/ch1 =26
R12: 7sc, 7sc-dec, 12sc, slst/ch1 =20
R13: 20sc, slst/ch1–color change =20
Yellow Color
R14: BLO-20sc, slst/ch1 =20
R15-16: 20sc, slst/ch1 =20
R17: FLO-20sc, f/o-cut yarn =20

attach Green Color to FL of R14
(ch5, slst, sc, hdc, dc, 2slst into the next 2 FL)*10, f/o-cut yarn =10 leaves

continue to LEGS – Skin Color
R18: FLO-20sc =20
R19: 20sc =20
R20: 18sc, inc, sc =21
R21: 21sc =21
R22: 10sc, inc, 10sc =22
R23: 22sc =22
R24: 20sc, inc, sc =23
R25: 23sc =23
R26: 9sc, inc, 13sc =24

R27-39: 24 =24
R40: 3sc, inc, 12sc, inc, 7sc =26
R41-50: 26sc =26
f/o 1 leg & continue to BODY from the 2nd Leg – ch2, join to 1st leg

R51: 26sc around each leg & 2sc on each side of chain =56
R52-57: 56sc =56
R58: make 2 dec =54
R59: 54sc =54
R60: make 2 dec =52
R61-62: 52sc =52
R63: (11sc, dec)4 =48
R64: 48sc =48
R65: (10sc, dec)4 =44
R66: 44sc =44
R67: (9sc, dec)*4 =40
R68-79: 40sc =40

Attaching Arms
R80: make 5sc on the inside of each Arm + Body =40
R81: make 7 sc on the outside of each Arm =44
R82-83: 44sc =44
R84: (9sc, dec)4 =40
R85: (8sc, dec)4 =36
R86: (4sc, dec)6 =30
R87: (3sc, dec)6 =24
R88: (2sc, dec)6 =18
R89-95: 18sc =18
R96: (sc, dec)6 =12
R97: 6dec, f/o-close the opening on top with a needle

HEAD – Skin Color – add sh.sts as needed to keep the marker straight
R1: MR with 6sc =6
R2: 6inc =12
R3: (sc, inc)6 =18
R4: (2sc, inc)6 =24
R5: (3sc, inc)6 =30

R6: (4sc, inc)6 =36
R7: (5sc, inc)6 =42
R8: (6sc, inc)6 =48
R9: (7sc, inc)6 =54
R10: (8sc, inc)6 =60
R11: (9sc, inc)*6 =66

R12-22: 66sc =66
R23: 19sc, (inc, sc)5, 9sc, (sc, inc)5, 18sc =76
R24-27: 76sc =76
Insert Safety Eyes between Rnds 22-23 and 8 sts apart
R28: (8sc, dec)2, 36sc, (dec, 8sc)2 =72
R29: 72sc =72
R30: (2sc, dec)18 =54

R31: (7sc, dec)6 =48
R32: (6sc, dec)6 =42
R33: (5sc, dec)6 =36
R34: (4sc, dec)6 =30
R35: (3sc, dec)6 =24
R36: (2sc, dec)*6 =18
R37: 18sc, f/o leaving long yarn tail to attach Head to Body =18

HAIR – Brown Color
R1: MR with 6sc =6
R2: 6inc =12
R3: BLO – (sc, inc)6 =18
R4: BLO – (2sc, inc)6 =24
R5: BLO – (3sc, inc)6 =30
R6: BLO – (4sc, inc)6 =36

R7: BLO – (5sc, inc)6 =42
R8: BLO – (6sc, inc)6 =48
R9: BLO – (7sc, inc)6 =54
R10: BLO – (8sc, inc)6 =60
R11: BLO – (9sc, inc)*6 =66
R12-16: BLO – 66sc =66
R17-24: 66sc, f/o leaving long yarn tail to attach Hair to Head =66

Place Hair Cap onto the Head so it stretches evenly to the desired size, then remove
Attach yarn to FL of R16 – (ch3, sc into the next FL of Hair) *repeat until the end or R3

DRESS – Red Color – ch43
R1: 6sc, [3sc], 7sc, [3sc], 12sc, [3sc], 7sc, [3sc], 6sc, ch1/turn =50
R2: 7sc, [3sc], 9sc, [3sc], 14sc, [3sc], 9sc, [3sc], 7sc, ch1/turn =58
R3: 8sc, [3sc], 11sc, [3sc], 16sc, [3sc], 11sc, [3sc], 8sc, ch1/turn =66
R4: 9sc, [3sc], 13sc, [3sc], 18sc, [3sc], 13sc, [3sc], 9sc, ch1/turn =74
R5: 9sc, ch2, sk19sts, 18s, ch2, sk19sts, 9sc, ch1/turn =36
R6-12: 40sc, ch1/turn =40
R13: 40sc, slst to 1st sc & continue in Rounds =40
R14: ch2, [2dc]*40, slst to 1st dc =80
R15-26: ch2, 80dc, slst to 1st dc =80
R27: ch2, FLO – [3dc], f/o-cut yarn =240

Sleeves – Red Color – attach yarn under the arm
R1: 23hdc =23
R2: dec, 21hdc =22
R3: 22hdc =22
R4: dec, 20hdc =21
R5: 21hdc =21
R6: dec, 19hdc =20

R7: 20hdc =20
R8: dec, 18hdc =19
R9: 19hdc =19
R10: dec, 17hdc =18
R11: 18hdc =18
R12: dec, 16hdc =17
R13: 17hdc =17

Back Trim – attach yarn in the back Right Corner of the Dress
Crochet down the Right Side: 13sc
Now go Up the Left Side: 12sc, ch4 (buttonhole), sc, do not f/o

Continue to Collar
R1: ch1, 42hdc, ch1/turn =42
R2: 42hdc, ch1/turn =42
R3: slst in BLO until the end of Row, turn, FLO – (ch3, sc)*until finished

APRON – Yellow Color
R1: ch25, 24sc, ch1/turn =24
R2: 24hdc, ch1/turn =24
R3: (hdc-inc, hdc)12, ch1/turn =36
R4-16: 36hdc, ch1/turn =36
R17: (ch4, sk1st, sc)36, f/o-cut yarn

Apron Top – attach yarn to the 5th st of Row 1
R1-8: 16sc, ch1/turn =16
Add ch40 ties to 4 top corners

Leaves: ch9, 2slst, sc, 4hdc, sc, turn, sc, 4hdc, sc, 2slst
R1: MR with 6sc =6
R2: 6inc =12
R3: 6dec =6
Band: make 3 strands of ch170, braid them, and decorate with beads

Continue to BODY from 2nd leg – ch6 & join to 1st leg
R7: 12sc around each leg & 6sc on each side of chain =36
R8-19: 36sc =36
R20: (4sc, dec)6 =30 R21: 30sc =30 R22: (3sc, dec)6 =24
R23: 24sc =24
R24: (2sc, dec)*6 =18
Attaching Arms
R25: 4sc – both sides of arms + Body, 5sc – Front & Back of Body =18
R26: 18sc, f/o-cut yarn =18

HEAD – Cream Color
R1: MR with 6sc =6
R2: 6inc =12
R3: (sc, inc)6 =18
R4: (2sc, inc)6 =24
R5: (3sc, inc)6 =30
R6: (4sc, inc)6 =36
R7-18: 36sc =36
Attach Safety Eyes between Rnds 15-16 and 8 sts apart
R19: (sc, dec)12 =24 R20: (2sc, dec)6 =18
R21: 18sc, f/o leaving long yarn tail to attach Head to Body =18

HAIR – Brown Color
R1: MR with 6sc =6
R2: 6inc =12
R3: BLO – (sc, inc)6 =18
R4: BLO – (2sc, inc)6 =24
R5: BLO – (3sc, inc)6 =30
R6: BLO – (4sc, inc)6 =36
R7-15: BLO – 36sc, don’t f/o & continue to Curls =36
Curls – (ch3, sc into the next st in FLO)* repeat all the way to top of hair

EARS – make 2 pieces with Cream Color
R1: MR with 5sc =5
R2: 5inc =10
R3: (sc, inc)*2, hdc-inc, dc-inc, hdc-inc, sc, inc, sc, f/o-cut yarn =16

Make 2 pieces with Brown Color
R1: MR with 5sc =5
R2: 5inc =10
R3: (sc, inc)*2, hdc-inc, dc-inc, hdc-inc, sc, inc, sc =16
R4: 16sc through Cream & Brown pieces, joining them
f/o leaving long yarn tail to attach Ears to Head =16

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