Squid Game Pink Amigurumi Soldiers Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Followers
Today we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern again for you. As you know we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. The main crochets are amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi llama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi lambs, amigurumi bees, amigurumi unicorns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi foxes, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is amigurumi squid game
I want to give you some informations about this pattern ;

If you enjoy making amigurumi, here I share this easy and free amigurumi pattern for you for free. Your kids will love these toys.

1,5mm. Crochet hook
Embroidery needle for details and embroidery
Scheepjes Sweet Treat or Bonbon yarn. Scarlet red, white and black.
Polyfill stuffing
Sharp scissors
Pins to pin down parts

mr = magic ring
ch = chain
st = stitch
sc = single crochet
inc = increase
dec = single crochet 2 together OR skip stitch (you choose)
slst = slip stitch
FLO = front loop only
BLO = back loop only
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet

Use crochet hook 1,5mm. The doll will be about 8cm(3.2”) depending on how tight/loose you crochet. The abbreviations I used are common US terms. If a line says “sc3, inc, sc5” then it means you’ll have to repeat the action inside the * until end of round and continue the action after the comma. When a line says ‘5sc’, you crochet 5 single crochet in 1 stitch

Arms x2
Black yarn
Rnd 1. Sc6 in mr = 6
Rnd 2. Sc, 2hdc, sc4 = 7
Rnd 3. Sc, dec, sc4 = 6
Switch to red and continue row 4 in BLO
Rnd 4-12. Sc around x9 = 6
Cut yarn and make second arm. Attach to body later

Legs + Body + Head
Black yarn
Rnd 1. Ch5 = 5
Rnd 2. Skip 1st ch from hook, sc3, 3sc – continue on other side of chain – sc2, 3sc = 11
Rnd 3. Sc4, inc, sc5, inc = 13
Rnd 4. Sc around in BLO = 13
Rnd 5. Sc3, dec, dec, sc6 = 11
Rnd 6. Sc3, dec, dec, sc4 = 9
Change to red and continue row 7 in BLO
Rnd 7. Sc4, dec, sc3 = 8
Rnd 8. Sc around = 8
Rnd 9. Sc2, inc, sc, inc = 11
Rnd 10. Sc around = 11
Rnd 11. sc3, inc, sc3 = 13
Rnd 12-13. Sc around x2 = 13
Rnd 14. sc5, inc, sc = 15

Cut yarn. Make second leg.
Cut yarn of 2nd leg and insert hook in 6th stitch of 1st leg with a sc. Ch3.
Insert hook in 13th stitch of second leg with a sc. Place marker.
Rnd 1. Sc around = 36
Stuff feet
Rnd 2-3. Sc around x2 = 36
Rnd 4. Sc7, dec, sc16, dec, sc9 = 34
Rnd 5. Sc around = 34
Change to black and continue row 6 in BLO
Rnd 6. Sc7, dec, sc16, dec, sc7 = 32
Rnd 7. Sc around = 32
Change to red and continue row 8 in BLO

Rnd 8. Sc6, dec, sc15, dec, sc7 = 30
Rnd 9. Sc around = 30
Rnd 10. Sc6, dec, sc13, dec, sc7 = 28
Rnd 11. Sc6, dec, sc12, dec, sc6 = 26
Rnd 12-14. Sc around x3 = 26
Stuff legs and body as you go. We’ll start attaching the arms in the next round. Make sure arms are centered.
Rnd 15. Sc7, sc6 in arm, sc13, sc6 in arm, sc6 = 38
Rnd 16. Sc around = 38
Rnd 17. Dec until you have 6 stitches left. Move marker. 6

  • Add embroidery details on front of the body. If needed, use a tiny bit of glue to keep thread in place.
  • Continue crocheting the head in black in the upcoming rows.
  • Start stuffing after embroidering details.

Rnd 1. inc = 12
Rnd 2. sc, inc = 18
Rnd 3. sc2, inc = 24
Rnd 4. sc3, inc = 30
Rnd 5. sc4, inc = 36
Rnd 6-14. sc around x9 = 36
Rnd 15. sc4, dec = 30
Rnd 16. sc3, dec = 24
Rnd 17. sc2, dec = 18

Embroider triangle, square or circle onto upper part of the face with white yarn.
Mark with pins first.
Triangle – place pin in row 15, place right pin 3 st apart in row 9, place left pin on the left 3 st apart in row 9.
Square – Place left pin in row 13, place a pin with the right pin 5 stitches apart. Go down 6 rows or 7 for a larger square and repeat. You now have a square.
Circle – Cut out a circle from paper and pin down onto face. Glue white thread around the circle onto face and remove paper circle.
Make sure everything is aligned and symmetrical!

Rnd 18. sc, dec = 12
Rnd 19. dec = 6
Cut yarn

Red yarn
Rnd 1. Sc6 in mr = 6
Rnd 2. inc = 12
Rnd 3. sc, inc = 18
Rnd 4. sc2, inc = 24
Rnd 5. sc, inc, sc3, sc2 = 30
Rnd 6. sc4, inc = 36
Rnd 7. Sc2, inc, sc5, sc3 = 42
Rnd 9-14. Sc around x6 = 42
Rnd 15. Sc3, hdc13, sc11, hdc15 = 42
Rnd 16. Sc4, hdc13, sc, slst10, sc2, hdc9, sc3 = 42
Leave long tail for sewing onto head or use glue and tuck in ends.

Use pins to keep embroidery symmetrical.
Embroider a black stripe on belly.
Use pins before adding details onto face
Cut 3 pieces of wire for legs, arms and head. I use 2mm thick aluminium wire. It’s very easy to bend but sturdy. Use pliers to create closed loops for feet and head.

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